Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness Game 2 – Ideas

Murti Schofield, the writer for Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness sent us his notes on the second TRAOD game.





a)      Lara solo adventure – no sign of Kurtis.

b)      Small appearance by Kurtis – (still playable)

c)      Shared game with Kurtis again.

d)      The come-uppance of Karel/Eckhardt in Cappadocia.

e)      Minor appearance of Kurtis who turns up at the end as a plot twist. He is discovered locked in a Nephilim stasis field helpless, a bit like Eckhardt was for 500 years. He is nothing more than a human component activating some powerful Lux Veritatis weapons that work only for an LV adept (it’s to do with the bloodline). Nephilim Eckhardt/Karel is using him.

f)       Appearance of the Vasiley character, Morgau as a Cabal/Eckhardt controlled living weapon.

KURTIS GAME…possibles?

  • With     Lara guesting.
  • No     Lara at all.
  • See     early days of K’s training with Baetyl Knife Missiles and other arcane LV     artefacts.
  • Go     back to K’s early days in the Legion. How and why he got named Chasseur de     Démon. (think comics Constantine).
  • How     the Chirugai came into Kurtis’ possession via Marie Cornel     & Chingacha Red Hand (‘Red’).
  • K’s     days as a gun for hire working for various agencies whilst tracking     Eckhardt and taking out crazy Cabal individuals.
  • Kurtis     and his mother Marie Cornel running missions against Cabal bases     and hunter squads. They are tracking down lost LV artefacts.
  • Kurtis     stand alone game – initially fighting Morgau but then working with her to rebuild     the authentic Lux Veritatis = Neo Luceat Virtus/Virilis NLV. (check the     correct Latin). [Primus = original, authentic. Neo = new, revived.]
  • Immense     opposition from a deranged & perverted version or the LV, the RLV,     that yet another insane ‘immortal’ is trying to reform. This grotesquely     revived LV mummy, Schattenspringer, (The Shadow Leaper) was one of     the reasons the original early LV went a little ‘wrong’ back in the day. [RLV     – Renasci Laureol Vindicati = Reborn Triumph of Revenge/punishment.]


  • Eckhardt’s     early history. We see what takes him down the dark path of the Black     Alchemist.
  • Eckhardt     runs foul of the Nephilim. Gets stuck in pit.
  • Eckhardt     gets out of pit (earlier than we understand in AOD) and runs amok     throughout history for 500 years.
  • He     is attempting to reconvene his Breeding Communities experiments to     continue refining his Nephuman entities.
  • He     is present at main points of history, Fire of London, Plague,     French Revolution, Jack the Ripper 1880 etc.
  • He     is in constant secret warfare with agents of the Lux Veritatis – perhaps     even an early incarnation of Kurtis (one of his ancestors).
  • See     ‘Two Artefacts’ doc.
  • See     ‘New backstory-1’ doc
  • See     ‘Carrier Gene & Breeding’ –v2 doc

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