Tomb Raider the Last Revelation OFFICIAL STORY OUTLINE

Another unreleased document from Core Design. This one outlines the story in TR4. See more exclusive articles, unreleased documents and interviews here.



Brief storyline 

EGYPT- Present Day 

Lara moves across an unforgiving
desert, on camel, a guide by her side. 

She halts at a small rocky outcrop, dismounts and activates
an ancient mechanism, revealing what appears to be a virgin tomb… 

Upon her later escape, Lara’s guide attempts to double
cross her and steal an artefact she has taken from the tomb. She outwits him
and he flees. 

Anxious to discover who her latest enemy is, Lara pursues
the guide but runs into an ambush. She escapes by the skin of her teeth across
the Nile. 

It is at this point that we recognise Lara’s rival and learn
of his true intentions…

Lara meets with an old colleague and fellow archaeologist
to gather more information about the artefact she has discovered. Lara must now
begin her real task and collect vital pieces of information and other artefacts

Her next stop is the Tomb of Semerkhet at Karnak; she can only enter using the
artefact as a key, and henceforth leaves it in the key-slot as she enters. 

Somebody then traps her inside, steeling the artefact and
sealing Lara inside the tomb…

She escapes to discover her rival is heading to Alexandria in an attempt to find the
other artefacts and information.

Once in Alexandria, it’s a game of cat and mouse. Lara
must regain the artefacts before her enemy. 

Lara’s enemy then kidnaps her colleague in an attempt to
lure Lara to Cairo

Lara reaches Cairo on motorbike, and fights her way through
to the Citadel, subsequently to the Giza Pyramids for the final show-down. 

Document info:

Susie Hamilton was the Public Relations expert for Core Design in 1993-2002