Full confession:

Growing up I was an extremely lonely child, I didn’t have friends and came from an extremely broken home.
However I always had one person that was there for me, One person that took me away from all the pain and let me join her on her adventures and her name is Lady Lara Croft.

Tomb raider gave me comfort, The choice of isolation Lara made in her life (Original Bio) gave me courage when I didn’t have the choice. She was truly the beacon of female empowerment and beacon of hope for myself.

Lara wasn’t just this beautiful female game character,

She was a mother, A sister, Most of all, She was my friend.

I hope to see my friend in her former glory once again. Lara isn’t human and she shouldn’t be made to be one, She’s superhuman, She’s a marvel. She’s my heroine. Sexy and not afraid to show it, Intelligent and vivacious, Bombastic and divine, A classy lady with a fetish for duel pistols, She got what she wanted not for the sake of humanity, For the sake of herself.

She’s a Tomb Raider by choice as she should always be.

Long live Lady Lara Croft.

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