Kurtis Trent Bloodline – Cutscene List

We’ve received a number of documents on the abandoned Kurtis Trent spin-off game, a prequel to Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness. These were sent to us anonymously. This particular anonymous contributor has sent a number of screenshots and documents to us in the past and they were eventually verified by members of the Core Design team. As such, we have no doubts about the authenticity of these documents.



This is the last part of the final version of the game design document dated 3rd of September 2001




Direction :      Interior of the hospital reception room.

The room is a mess. Overhead strip lights flicker on and off.

Kurtis :            (Voice over). Looks like somebody started a war in here.

Direction :      Kurtis takes a few steps forward.

Kurtis :            (Shouts). Hey! Professor! Can you hear me?


Direction :      The Professors study. Books and paper are scattered everywhere.

The desk lamp is tilted at the wall and illuminates framed certificates.

Door leading to washroom is ajar.

Kurtis :            Professor?

Direction :      Kurtis walks to the door and pushes it open.

Stands in the doorway.

Professor is leaning over the sink. His forehead is bleeding.

He looks at Kurtis’ reflection in the mirror over the sink.

Professor :     Don’t worry – I’ll live.

Direction :      The Professor turns and walks into the study. Kurtis stands aside to let him pass.

Kurtis :            Looks like I got here too late.

Professor :     Don’t blame yourself – I thought I could control it. But it’s become too powerful. If it gets into the city …

Direction :      The Professor lets the sentence hang. The meaning is clear.

Kurtis :            I understand.

Direction :      Kurtis draws his pistol and together they walk out of the study.



Direction :      Kurtis and the Professor stand at the lift.

The Professor uses his pass key to open the doors.

Professor :     He’s trapped in the morgue. Be careful.

Kurtis :            I always am.

Direction :      Kurtis enters the lift and the doors close.



Direction :      Kurtis’ POV. (First person). The lift chimes and the doors open.

Kurtis walks out into the dim corridor leading to the morgue.



Direction :      The morgue is cold. Freezing vapour hangs in the air.

Lucifer stands at the far end of the room, his back to Kurtis.

He turns to face him.

Kurtis :            Times up – you coming quietly?

Lucifer :          Don’t be fooled by the body I have had to occupy.

Perhaps you need a demonstration of my abilities?

Direction :      Lucifer sends bolts of power into the storage units and the doors open.

Dead corpses jerk into life and turn towards Kurtis.

Lucifer :          I don’t expect we’ll meet again.

Direction :      Lucifer launches himself through the morgue’s ceiling and is gone.



Direction :      Kurtis climbs into the vent and crawls through.

Punches out the other side and drops down into the basement room.



Direction :      Lucifer and Kurtis face one another on top of the building.

The wind tugs at their clothing, the city glitters in the background.

Kurtis :            No where left to run kid.

Lucifer :          Your friends are coming for you. I expect they will have questions – a pity you’ll have to answer them alone!

Direction :      Lucifer turns and casually walks off the edge of the multi-storey building.

He drops over the edge out of sight.

Kurtis runs to the spot where Lucifer was standing and looks over.

He sees nothing below but the flashing lights of the emergency vehicles parked ten floors down.

Loud hailer : This is the police. Stay where you are!

Direction :      A helicopter buzzes the rooftop.

Kurtis turns to see police running onto the roof behind him. They look nervous, guns at the ready.

He hesitates for a second and jumps off the roof, landing heavily on the fire escape below.



Direction :      Kurtis drops from the fire escape.

He is in an alleyway. The Professor pulls up in Kurtis’ pickup truck.

Kurtis runs out of the alley and jumps in.

The Professor drives off at speed.

Kurtis :            I lost him.

Professor :     I’m not surprised – Lucifer is clever and he’s getting stronger.

Kurtis :            So what’s happening to him?

Professor :     Something I’ve only ever read about – a true demonic possession     that uses its host form to travel undetected through our world.

Kurtis :            You mean the kid isn’t human?

Professor :     The host? That poor child is very much one of us, but the creature enslaving it is anything but!

Kurtis :            So now what?

Direction :      The Professor lifts a tracking device out of his coat pocket.

He switches it on.

ECU of the tracker’s screen as it orientates itself.

A red icon flashes and the tracker zooms in on it then zooms out to show the trucks relative position in the city.

Professor :     Luckily for us every patient at the institute is tagged with a chip in case they escape.

Kurtis :            Looks like we got ourselves a second chance!



Direction :      The pickup truck cruises down a street in China Town.

The Professor and Kurtis pull up opposite one of the buildings.

Kurtis checks the trackers screen. The two icons are virtually on top of one another.

Kurtis :            Says here he’s gone to ground in Boss Chang’s place.

Professor :     Just about the safest place he could find – can we get in there?

Kurtis :            Not without one hell of a fight …

Direction :      Triad gangsters suddenly point at the pickup truck and start running towards it, weapons at the ready.

Professor :     Too late – we’ve been spotted!

Direction :      The Professor guns the engine and swerves out into the traffic.

Horns blare.

Suddenly two black chase cars swerve out of a junction and close in behind the truck. Shots are fired.

Kurtis :            Keep moving Professor! I’m going outside!

Direction :      Kurtis climbs out of the cab and uncovers a machine gun mounted in the back of the pickup truck.



Direction :      The truck races straight at the armoured glass entrance to the Triad building.

Cut to interior of Triad building.

Triad gangsters stand ready with their machine guns.

The pickup truck hurtles towards them. It smashes through scattering debris and sending the gangsters diving for safety.



Direction :      The helicopter pilot is killed and the craft crashes and breaks up. It scatters wreckage across the ground then explodes.

Kurtis stands facing the blaze then turns and walks away.

Direction :      Close up of wreckage.

A panel of wreckage falls over and the Triad boss’s cat slinks away into the night.

It pauses to look at the camera. It has the glowing red eyes of Lucifer.



Direction :      Night time. Kurtis lays on a crumpled bed.

He is disturbed by visionary dreams.

He is lost in a huge library walking down long aisles of antique books.

Two voices can be heard in the background.

Lucifer :          Do this for me and I will make you more powerful than any man ever before!

Dr Yates :      Yes! Yes! Why not? Haven’t I earned it? Haven’t I sacrificed so much while others have got fat on my companies profits?

Direction :      Kurtis turns the aisle corner and sees Dr Phil Yates standing against the library’s blazing log fire.

On the rug is the Triad boss’s cat.

The cat raises it’s head and looks at Kurtis.

The Dr half turns and stares at Kurtis. His eyes glow with Lucifers red light.

Somewhere a phone is ringing. It gets louder, more insistent.

Direction :      Cut to Kurtis lying in bed.

He wakes up and reaches for the bedside phone.

Professor :     Kurtis! The dream! Did you experience the dream?!

Kurtis :            Ur, yeh! You been dreaming of me too Doc?

Professor :     Amazing! A multiple telepathic link-up with simultaneous visual transference over …

Kurtis :            Wait! A what?

Professor :     Don’t you see? Our early exposure to Lucifer has somehow linked us together!

Kurtis :            Great! Just great … so who was the suit with the cat?

Professor :     You really should keep up with the times Kurtis!

Dr Phil Yates. Just about the richest man on the planet at the last count.

Kurtis :            So what’s his line of business? Oil? Diamonds?

Professor :     Software. Just about every system has his name on it somewhere.

But more worrying is his links with the military. My god! Lucifer is after the Omega system!

Direction :      Kurtis, suddenly alert, swings his legs out of bed.

Kurtis :            Now this I’ve heard of …

Direction :      Fade to black. Fade up.

Direction :      Night time. Snow falls. Kurtis crouches on top of the mansion rooftop.

He jumps down onto the balcony below and waits in the shadows.

The camera pans down to take in the arrival of a cavalcade of military staff cars.

Security guards run to meet the cars and fan out, weapons at the ready.

Kurtis :            (Voice over) The Omega system is the most controversial weapons system ever created.

A weapon of last resort, the Omega missiles are constantly moved across the country in armoured trains.

Just one missile has the power to ionize the atmosphere and burn away the surface of planet earth.

Guess somebody thought Armageddon needed a little help.

Direction :      As Kurtis narrates, cut to Colonel getting out of car.

Direction :      Cut to group of military staff officers climbing stairs.

Security guards are placed either side, their guns covering the group as it passes into the mansion.



Direction :      Kurtis crouches on the roof of the cable car.

Security guards stand waiting in the cable car building.

They open fire, riddling the cable car with bullets.

Kurtis uses his telekinesis power and accelerates the cable car, overriding the brakes and the car smashes into the building.

Kurtis leaps from the car as it smashes into the reception room, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake.



Direction :      Dr Phil Yates and a military Colonel are standing at a large conference table.

Contract papers are spread out on the tabletop.

The Colonel bends down to sign his name.

Dr Yates :      Congratulations Colonel! The military are now the proud owners of the final phase of project Omega.

Direction :      The Colonel and Dr Phil Yates shake hands.

The Dr’s eyes glow red. Cut to the Colonels face. His eyes are glowing red. (Lucifer has taken control of the Colonel).

Colonel :        Six Trillion dollars buys a lot of firepower Dr.

I guess you’ll be buying Mrs Yates a new car?

Direction :      They laugh.

Direction :      Cut to outside on the balcony.

Kurtis stands facing the huge armoured glass window.

He raises his arms and sends a massive telekinetic blast at the glass, It blows inwards, shattering into a million pieces.

Direction :      Cut to interior of the conference room.

The blast knocks everyone to the floor.

Kurtis enters the room.

The Colonel (Lucifer) gets to his feet and his men form a courdon of armed guards around him and the Dr.

Colonel :        Stop him!



Direction :      A helicopter is warming up outside on the balcony.

The Colonel and the Dr run towards it.

A group of security guards form a protective ring around the helicopter.

Kurtis runs out of the lodge. The guards open fire.

The Colonel climbs into the helicopter.

Colonel :        Goodbye Dr!

Dr Yates :      What? Wait! Don’t leave me!

Direction :      Kurtis is fighting back. Security guards are being shot down.

The helicopter starts to lift off.

The Dr crouches on the ground and watches it leave.

Direction :      Interior of helicopter.

The Colonel swings a mini-gun out of the doorway and opens fire.

Colonel :        Sorry Doctor – but you know too much!

Dr Yates and his remaining security men are shot down.

Kurtis leaps out of the path of the ripping tracer and tumbles over the hand rail.

He drops down the sheer cliff face.

Kurtis’ fall is broken by his levitation powers and he comes to rest on the hillside.

The helicopter flies off into the night.



Direction :      Military base. Camera tracks along perimeter fence.

Inside the base there is activity – vehicles criss-cross one another. Loaders lift and lower crates.

Subtitle flashes up : Maximum Security Nuclear Installation.

The camera comes to a halt.

Kurtis and the Professor crouch behind a stack of crates.

Kurtis :

(Voice over). The Omega missile program had always been a target for the anti-war movement.

All the noise and media coverage made the location of the missile trains impossible to keep secret.

Professor :     Remember – find the Colonel. If Lucifer is still controlling him he will have infiltrated the Omega program. This could be our last chance Kurtis – if we fail …

Kurtis :            Don’t even think it.



Direction :      Kurtis looks through the metal mesh of the ventilation shaft.

Below him he can see soldiers working around a nuclear missile.

The missile is sitting on a large lift platform.

Suddenly the Colonel (Lucifer) comes into view. The Colonel gives orders and points at the missile.

Cut to opposite side of vent.

Kurtis kicks out the mesh cover and jumps down into the room below.

The Colonel turns and orders his men to shoot Kurtis.

Colonel :        Stop him! Open fire!



Direction :      Kurtis and the Colonel fight on the missile lift platform as it descends down into the base.

The Colonel smashes the brake motor and the platform rushes downwards, sparks flying as it scrapes down the lift shaft.

Colonel :        Enjoy the ride!

Direction :      Using his levitation powers the Colonel (Lucifer) floats off the platform and hangs in the air.

The platform plummets downwards with Kurtis and the nuclear missile still onboard.

It disappears into the far depths of the shaft then hits the bottom and a flaming explosion roars upwards.

The Colonel (Lucifer) laughs as the blast wave flashes past.

Colonel :        Ha ha ha ha …

Direction :      The Colonels laughter is cut short as he sees something flying up the shaft towards him.

Cut to Kurtis using levitation powers to escape the fire below.

Kurtis :            It’s not over yet Lucifer!

Colonel :        You fool! You only delay the inevitable!



Direction :      Kurtis loses the mid air fight with the Colonel (Lucifer) and plummets down the lift shaft towards the burning destruction below.

Fade to black.



Direction :      Kurtis is standing in a pitch black underground cavern.

A light appears. It is drawing near.

The light comes closer. It illuminates the face of the man carrying it but little else.

Kurtis :            Where am I?

Lamp man :   You mean you don’t recognize your birth place Kurtis?

Kurtis :            Right now all I recognize is my right to bear arms – hey! My guns are missing!

Lamp man :   This is one part of your life where you can’t rely on mankind’s crude inventions – you must arm yourself with your birthrights and fulfill your true potential!

Kurtis :            My father talked a lot like you – all that birthright stuff sent me half crazy!

Lamp man :   Whatever your past was  – your future lies within you!

Direction :      The Lamp man turns to leave, taking the source of illumination with him.

Kurtis :            Hey! Wait a minute!

Direction :      The Lamp man speaks as he leaves.

Lamp man :   Don’t be afraid! Your future lies within you Kurtis!



Direction :      Kurtis has killed one of the hit squad team.

He searches the mans pockets and pulls out an ID and photographs of his mother and infant self.

Kurtis :            Wait a minute …

The mine retreat in Utah – Mom and me were holed up here when she was on the run all those years ago!

I’ve got to find her before these guys do!



Direction :      Kurtis’ mother (Marie Cornel), is hiding from the hit squad behind a stack of crates.

She has the baby with her. In her hand is a pistol.

A river raft is moored close by but the hit men have it covered.

Hit man :        Don’t make this any harder than it has to be Miss Cornel!

All we want is the kid!  Hand it over and you can go free!


M Cornel :      Fuck you asshole!

Direction :      She stands and fires rapidly, two of the hit men go down.

Then her ammunition runs out.

M Cornel :      Shit!

Direction :      She glances at the raft moored just a few meters away.

The hit men have taken cover.

She picks up the baby and runs for the raft.

The hit men spot her and move forward.

Hit man :        Get her!

Direction :      The hit men open fire.



Direction :      Kurtis walks through the smoke of battle.

His mother is crouching down, covering the infant with her body.

He approaches her and helps her to her feet.

M Cornel :      Kurtis? Is that you?

Kurtis :            Yes. It’s me.

M Cornel :      They said someone would come – but how …?

Kurtis :            I don’t know. All I know for sure is you need to get out of here – and quickly!

Direction :      Kurtis helps them onto the raft and unties the ropes.

The raft begins to float downstream.

Kurtis raises his hand in farewell as the raft gains speed and disappears into the darkness.

He is left standing alone on the bank.

A ghostly light begins to illuminate his raised hand before quickly spreading down through his body.

Kurtis looks around in surprise before vanishing.



Direction :      Kurtis materializes.

He is crouching on the perimeter of a jungle base, dressed in military fatigues.

A radio com-link is in his ear.

Radio :            Choppers are coming in!

Alpha squad will secure the landing zone! Over and out!

Direction :      Kurtis stays where he is – frozen by fear.

Kurtis :            I know this place.

Ten years ago I was here and saw forty men die in an ambush right in front of me.

I should have seen the tanks. It was my fault. I should have seen the tanks!

Voice over :   Remember Kurtis – your future lies within you!

Direction :      He shakes his head and carries on.



Direction :      Two military helicopters fly in and drop off troops that spread out around the landing zone.

More troops move forward and take up position facing the command building.

Radio :            Alpha squad! Move forward and destroy the command installation!

Over and out!



Direction :      Kurtis stands outside the burning command building.

The sky is full of departing helicopters.

Once again his body glows with the ghostly light and he de-materializes.


Direction :      Kurtis materializes.

He is in a cell.

Strapped onto a torture machine is Major Jean Rochelle.

Kurtis :            Oh boy. Not here. Not him!

Major :            Kurtis! You came back for me!

Kurtis :            Believe me Major, it wasn’t my idea!

Direction :      Kurtis pulls a lever and the torture machine releases the Major.

He drops to the floor and looks up at Kurtis.

Major :            I knew you wouldn’t leave me here!

Kurtis :            Let’s just say I’m acting under higher orders.

Now get up!

Direction :      Kurtis hands the Major a pistol then turns and walks out of the cell.

The Major shoves the pistol into his belt and hurries after Kurtis.

Major :            You know Kurtis, we always made a great team …



Direction :      Kurtis and the Major climb over the fence and drop down onto the other side.



Direction :      Kurtis and the Major run towards the rescue helicopter.

The Major jumps aboard and turns to face Kurtis.

Major :            You know Kurtis, it really pains me to do this.

Direction :      The Major pulls his pistol and points it straight at Kurtis’ chest.

He squeezes the trigger. Click! It isn’t loaded.

The Major looks at the pistol in disbelief.

Kurtis :            Major, it’s time to go for a ride.

Direction :      Kurtis grabs the barrel of the mini-gun mounted in the doorway and swings it violently into the Majors face.

The Major collapses in a heap.

Kurtis turns to the soldier standing by and shouts above the noise of the rotor blades.

Kurtis :            Captain! The Major is under arrest for war crimes! Keep him in one piece until the firing squad!

Direction :      The helicopter lifts off and flies over the tree tops.

Enemy soldiers appear through the forest and run towards Kurtis.

Kurtis starts to dematerialize and vanishes.

The soldiers come to a puzzled halt.



Direction :      A presidential cavalcade of cars drives down a street.

Subtitle: July 13th 1996 – 2.24PM.

Suddenly gunmen open fire.

The leading car explodes. Then the vehicle at the rear of the column blows up.

Caught between the burning wrecks the president’s security men fight a losing battle.

Into the chaos materializes Kurtis.

He scans the street battle raging around him.

The action appears to be moving in slow motion.

Kurtis :            (Voice over). President James Carlton is assassinated by members of his own military forces opposed to the Camp David peace agreement.

Just another dead president – but I was there. I should have stopped it.

Direction :      Kurtis runs to the presidents car. The doors are wide open. Dead security men are on the ground.

Kurtis:             Mr President! It’s time to get out of here!

Direction :      The president comes to Kurtis’ side.

President :     Get me to the capital building son! I’ve got a peace agreement to sign!



Direction :      The door is impossible to open.

Kurtis :            I can’t open it!

President :     Wait! There’s the emergency tunnel! If we can find that, it will lead us right to the state room!



Direction :      Reinforcements arrive and the president is surrounded by a courdon of armed agents.

He sits behind his desk and signs the peace treaty paper.

TV news :      (Voice over). In a dramatic and violent conclusion to the Camp David peace deal, president Carlton narrowly avoided an assassination attempt aimed at stopping the signing of the treaty.

An FBI statement said the attack on the president was a well-orchestrated attempt by rogue military units …(fade down).

Direction :      The president stands on the steps of the capitol building.

He is holding aloft the treaty paper.

Photographers crowd the president and flash bulbs light up the scene.

Cut to Kurtis standing aside from the crowd on the steps.

He begins to glow and dematerializes from the world.



Direction :      A cavernous missile silo.

Kurtis is chained to one of the booster rockets at the base of the towering missile.

The Colonel (Lucifer) approaches him.

Colonel :        So you are awake at last. Good!

Kurtis :            You can’t believe how great it is to be back …

Colonel :        While you’ve been away I have completed the loading of the missile train.

I thought you would like to know that you have failed – and dwell on that failure while awaiting the launch of this Polaris nuclear missile.

Direction :      Kurtis yanks at the chains binding him to the giant rocket.

Colonel :        I shouldn’t think you will have long to wait.

I estimate it will take the spy satellites little over a minute to detect the launch of the Omega missiles – after that the opposing computers will fire their nuclear arsenals at one another.

Mutual destruction is guaranteed.

Kurtis :            And then what? Who’s going to be left to rule Lucifer?

Colonel :        That, my heroic fool is hardly the aim of the game.

I am merely an emissary for a higher power. I exist to carry out their wishes, and do not question their rationality.

Like you I can only serve my masters to the best of my abilities.

Kurtis :            Hey, you shouldn’t put yourself down like that.

I’ve seen a side of you that has leadership potential written all over it!

If you’re going for the big A you shouldn’t wimp out at the last rung!

Direction :      The Colonel (Lucifer) takes a step forward and looks into Kurtis’ eyes.

Colonel :        The hero’s last brave words. Goodbye Kurtis Trent.

Direction :      The Colonel turns and walks out of the missile silo.

The access door slams shut behind him with a metallic thud and motors lock it in place.



Direction :      Kurtis is spotted and the alarm is sounded.

The Colonel turns to face Kurtis but thinks better of it and rolls under the massive blast door just before it crashes shut.



Direction :      The Colonel (Lucifer) is standing on the loading platform as the last Omega missile is lowered into its silo onboard the armoured train.

Cut to the blast door.

The missile detonates against the door and it is blown apart.

The Colonel (Lucifer) spins around and tries to see through the billowing fire and smoke.

A figure walks out of the devastation.

Colonel :        No! Why can’t you just die?!

Direction :      The Colonel (Lucifer) grabs a com-link and shouts into it.

Colonel :        Lieutenant! Get this train moving! Now!

Direction :      The train starts to pull out of the loading hanger.

The Colonel (Lucifer) stands astride the missile wagon.

He rages at the soldiers around him.

Colonel :        Kill him! Kill him now!



Direction :      Interior of the command car.

The Colonel (Lucifer) and Kurtis face one another.

Kurtis :            Game over Lucifer.

Colonel :        You think you have won?!

Why the game has only just begun!

Direction :      The Colonel stands on a lift platform and is taken up to the roof of the command car wagon.

Kurtis turns and climbs the ladder.

Direction :      Cut to the exterior of the command car wagon.

Kurtis climbs out on to the roof.

The Colonel (Lucifer) is standing with his back to Kurtis further down the wagon.

He turns to face Kurtis.

Colonel :        I should have killed you when I had the chance!

But now is not the time to be wasting words!

Direction :      The Colonel’s body is transfigured into a true demonic creature.

Huge black wings unfurl into the slipstream.

Lucifer is now in his true form.

He leaps from the command car onto one of the missile silo wagons and rips away two of the hatches as if they were made of paper.

Kurtis can only watch in horror.

Kurtis :            He’s going for the warheads …

Direction :      Lucifer reaches inside the two silos and pulls out the warhead canisters.

With a cry of rage he spreads his wings and launches into the sky –

the warheads gripped between his talons.

Direction :      Cut back to Kurtis. He stands alone on the wagon roof.

He looks around. Nothing left to fight with. No guns. No missiles. Nothing to hit back with.

Suddenly the words come back to him. The words from the mine.

Kurtis :            (Sotto voice). Whatever your past was  – your future lies within you.

Direction :      He tenses himself and repeats the words, focusing his mind.

Kurtis :            Whatever my past was – the future lies within me!

Direction :      Kurtis glows with a ghostly light.

His body is orbited by particles of fire.

He begins to change. Transfiguring into a higher form of creature.

Kurtis :            Whatever my past was – the future lies within me!

Direction :      Cut to Kurtis’ feet. The primitive human weapons drop onto the floor at his feet. They are smouldering with the extreme heat of the transfiguration.

Camera elevates up Kurtis body.

Cut to arms and pan upwards.

Cut to wings and pan downwards.

Cut to chest and elevate upwards. Focus on Kurtis transfigured  face.

Kurtis :            Let’s do it.

Direction :      Cut to Kurtis standing on the roof of the wagon. Full figure in the frame.

He gives his wings an experimental flap. Turns to face where Lucifer was heading and launches himself into the sky.



Direction :      Military helicopters fly in formation over the city.

Controller :     (Voice over). Cobra leader – this is air-space command.

We have two unidentified incoming hostiles on the scope.

You are clear to take offensive action. Good hunting.

Direction :      The helicopters bank away over the city and split up.



Direction :      Lucifer is dying.

He clutches the nuclear warhead and starts to super-heat himself. The warhead starts to glow with the intense heat being generated.

Lucifer :          One … last …deed ….

Direction :      Cut to Kurtis. He is circling the glowing Lucifer.

Kurtis :            He’s using himself to ignite the nuclear reaction!

Direction :      Kurtis dives down on Lucifer.

As he rockets earthwards he generates an energy shield which streams out behind him in a burning trail.

Kurtis starts to orbit around Lucifer, the trailing shield forming a spherical mesh around the demon.

Kurtis succeeds in enclosing Lucifer in the energy shield but the effort has left him exhausted.

He tumbles earthwards like a falling leaf, barely able to keep himself aloft.

Direction :      Cut to inside the spherical energy shield.

Lucifer is just a glowing hot shape – the nuclear warhead reaches ignition temperature and detonates.

Cut to exterior of spherical shield.

The shield contains the nuclear blast. It glows white-hot over the city then fades to a blazing ball of orange.

When the blast has been spent the shield suddenly shatters into millions of brilliant shards of light.



Direction :      A dirty side walk on the city streets.

Kurtis floats down from the sky. His power finally runs out ten feet above the ground and he lands heavily on the ground, rolling to a halt against a trash can.

Cut to Kurtis’ POV. He is looking up at the sky and buildings around him.

Kurtis :            (Voice over). Breathing hard, groaning in pain.

The sound of a vehicle pulling up can be heard.

A voice calls out.

Professor :     Hey! Mister! You want a lift?

Direction :      A pickup truck stands at the kerb. The Professor is driving.

Direction :      Kurtis gets to his feet and gets in the pickup truck.

The truck drives away.

Professor :     (Voice over). Where to?

Kurtis :            (Voice over). You know, I’ve always wanted to go to …


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