Tomb of Ash – End of  Year Report



When we set up Tomb of Ash a few years ago, we strove to make it a different, unique and exceptional website; a website that would deliver original content and not rely on official news posts.

Last year we created a number of incredible projects, such as providing our English and Russian speaking audiences with up-to-date media and news from E3 and other events.

You can read about our projects from last year in the End of Year report 2015. Truly, 2015 was very productive for us and we knew that it would be hard to top that year. 

From the beginning of 2016 we started producing unique projects, such as our Baba Yaga video, that was nominated for the Royal Television Society Award. Our ultimate pride however is our efforts to create the largest 20th Anniversary Celebrations for the fans, which we did with PLAY Expo.

We also tried to re-unite our divided community with our upcoming 20th Anniversary Video Project and we thank everyone who joined us on that journey.

Lastly, from mid-October until the end of November we had a number of Super Tomb Raider weeks, during which we would post exclusive Tomb Raider related content DAILY.


Core Design, Natalie Cook, Tomb Raider fans  and 2/3 of Tomb of Ash team at PLAY Expo. Photo by the Big Issue North

Below is the full list of our accomplishments this year.

We thank every single one of our readers for their help and support. We really can’t thank you all enough for helping us weather the negativity of the last year. We are still not certain about our future as an “official fansite” outlet but we definitely won’t be quitting, even if we do go “rogue”, as we feel we owe that to our readers and friends who have stuck with us through uncertain times. We also would like to thank every single contributor to our website, be you anonymous or not. Your submissions are greatly appreciated by us and Tomb Raider fans worldwide. Lastly, thank you to those of our readers who’s generous donations allowed us to upgrade some of our photo equipment.

~Ash, Terenete, April and Tatiana 




As usual, a number of exclusive interviews were conducted throughout the year


We were super busy with creating visual content, such as our Baba Yaga project (below). However, we felt it was important to cover all of the major “TR20″ events this year so we released a number of recap videos for those who could not attend.

PLAY Expo recap


We released NUMEROUS  unseen screenshots and renders, notably from

We also released some fan-art, such as




Our website and our projects made it into online and print-based media!


We were overwhelmed to learn that our Baba Yaga video is nominated for a Royal Television Society award. The Royal Television Society is a British educational charity for the discussion and analysis of television in all its forms. It is the oldest television society in the world! We thank everyone who helped us with this project, including those who translated it to multiple languages <3

Sometimes we are just too productive… We wrote our End of Year report a couple of weeks ago but a number of cool things happened since then. Here’s an updated version for you to catch up with everything we did this year. We wish you all the best in 2017 and stay tuned, because we still have plenty of tricks up our sleeves. Something incredible is coming 🙂