20 Years of Tomb Raider

To celebrate the 20th anniversary we’ve gathered together our best articles and interviews featuring some of the people who made Tomb Raider happen! Guaranteed to bring back memories and answer some of the questions you may have had for two decades.

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Nathan McCree – the composer for Tomb Raider 1-3

Shelley Blond – behind the voice of Lara Croft in Tomb Raider (1996)

Jude Gibbins – the voice of Lara in Tomb Raider 2-3

Natalie Cook – the original Tomb Raider model

Jill de Jong – Lara’s model for Tomb Raider the Angel of Darkness

Murti Schofield – the writer of the Angel of Darkness

Heather Gibson – level designer for Tomb Raider 1-2

Andy Sandham – level designer and script writer for Tomb Raider 3-5


Core Design Team 

A Guide To The Real Locations In Tomb
Raider 3

Exploring Aldwych – The Real Location
In Tomb Raider 3

Tomb Raider 4 – Q&A With The Team

Tomb Raider 4 – Official Story

Tomb Raider 4 – Official Press

Core Design Tomb Raider 4 Memo

Tomb Raider 4 Team Information 

The Origins Of Croft Manor

Lara’s Musical Career

Kurtis Trent’s Biography

Exclusive Jill De Jong Photos

Tomb Raider Anniversary And The Angel Of Darkness Concepts

The Angel Of Darkness Story Details

The Angel Of Darkness Writer’s Notes

Early Story Charts For The Angel Of Darkness

Easter Eggs In The Angel Of Darkness

Murti Schofield’s Aod Cards

History Of Eidos


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